Pound Cake

    I always like to try new and different creations in my life, including baking some tasty recipes, even traditional ones.  I had pound cake when I was a kid, but not much as an adult and I was a little curious as to its flavor and texture.  Of course, I also wanted to … Continue reading Pound Cake

Sugar Cookies!

I love perusing pictures of decorated sugar cookies, you know, themed cookies cut out in different shapes and then painted with royal icing.  I envy the talent of all the creative bakers who post pictures of darling little goodies adorned with their skilled artistic artwork. Being who I am, always ambitious to try anything and … Continue reading Sugar Cookies!

Mini Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is my very favorite dessert, that is, along with ice cream…and chocolate…and lemony goodies…and, oh, never mind!  I LOVE cheesecake!  No need to be intimidated by the idea of making it from scratch!  It’s simple and well worth the effort.  Buying cheesecake in the frozen section of the store does not even compare to the flavor and … Continue reading Mini Cheesecakes